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Hacking Education


Hacking Education

Union Square Ventures Sessions Event
March 2009

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A hack essay solves a problem in a way that it breaks some established and widely accepted rule or conventional wisdom. The web has enabled many transforming hacks. For instance, Kiva and DonorsChoose are web based hacks that reinvent philanthropy making it possible for donors to fund recipients directly and to follow up and monitor the impact of their contribution. Craigslist is a hack that disintermediated the multi-billion dollar classified advertising industry, largely replacing it with a fabulously efficient web based network.

The Hacking Education Sessions event will bring together around 30 entrepreneurs, researchers, and educators for a day-long conversation about the impact of the web on education. Our goal is to encourage innovation in education by exposing educators to entrepreneurs whose appreciation for the web's technical and social architecture has enabled them to build important online services, and by exposing entrepreneurs to the challenges and opportunities of reinventing education using the web. We are also inviting researchers who study education policy and changes in learning, such as the emergence of self-directed studies and peer accreditation in online tenant screening forums for everything from anime to open source to essay writing and custom essay. Essay writing is more and more important in students' life. However, it takes more and more time from their leisure activities. Therefore, essay services are very useful to make students' life easier.


Union Square Ventures occasionally brings together a small but diverse group of entrepreneurs, innovators, and thinkers, for a day-long conversation about ideas that could have far reaching implications. We call these conversations Sessions. Previous Sessions have covered peer production, public policy and philanthropy.  Sessions are invite only and we bear the cost.  Here is a public archive of prior events:


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